Do you travel a lot? Then you should have the best insurance cover on every trip you make. Many people do not buy travelling covers yet it is the most important thing to consider when planning for a journey. Travelling is one of the most uncertain events.  Accidents, disasters, and loss of valuables can change your enjoyable trip to a nightmare. Although you can not recover everything when a disaster strikes, an insurance cover will help you regain some of your belongings. In case of accidents, insurance can aid in evacuation and payment of hospital bills.

1. Should You Opt for Annual or Instant Policy Cover?

At one time, you will have to choose between an annual cover or per trip cover. The choice you make should depend on the number of trips you make per year. If you are always travelling, you can go for the annual cover because it will be cheaper that way. However, if you visit places with different risks, you will have to take a cover for each trip.

2.  How to Reduce Insurance Premium Cost

There are many ways to reduce the premium payable to the travel insurance agent. Your insurance broker may not let you know everything you need to minimize the cost of insurance. If you are planning for a domestic journey, you do not need to buy a cover which is already in your primary insurance policy. Try as much as possible to buy policies directly from an insurance provider. Insurance brokers can pocket as much as 50% of your money for a cover you had decided to buy. If you are travelling as a family or a group, do not purchase individual covers. Group covers attract a generous discount. Some banks extend their loyalty services to insurance. Check all the credit cards you have and see if you can find one which has free insurance cover. Avoid cheap travel insurance covers because they are not reliable. Although the broker may be convincing, there must be a reason why the cover is so much less expensive than the others. By the time you know why they are cheap, it will be too late.

3.  What if You Cancel the Trip?

Anything can happen between the time you have paid for the insurance cover and the time you are leaving. Canceling the trip might be the only viable option. Many insurance companies do not offer a cancellation policy. Find companies which can agree to refund or at least allow you to postpone the cover until you are ready to travel. You can never be sure of anything during travelling. After all, that is the reason why you are buying the policy.


You should decide which insurance policy best caters to your needs early enough. The last-minute rush will make you end up with a policy which is almost useless. Search for the most suitable, affordable and flexible policy for your trip so that you can have peace of mind as you travel.