Santiago de Querétaro is one of the beautiful cities in Mexico. When I visited this city, I was amazed to see how the Spanish colonial architecture is well-preserved. This city has beautiful baroque buildings that include the Santa Rosa de Viterbo church. You should definitely consider visiting the nearby San Fransisco church. The Querétaro Regional Museum here displays some pre-Hispanic, colonial and republican artifacts. There are a number of places that you can visit and enjoy the beauty here, the way I did:

  • Temploy Convento De La Santa Cruz

One of the most interesting places of this city is the Temploy Convento. This is a convent/church and dates back to the 15th century. This convent offers you a cross of tree thorns along with an outdoor splash fountain to enjoy upon.

  • Centro Histórico

This one is the historic center of Mexico City. Being the central neighborhood in the city, this is famous as Centro. What I saw was that this place focused on Zocalo or main plaza.

  • Acueducto De Querétaro

Another one attraction of the city is Acueducto de Querétaro. This beautiful and iconic stone aqueduct was dated back to the 18th century and is over 28m high and around 1300m long. This symbol is also one of the largest in whole Mexico. Also, the aqueduct is considered as the symbol of the City of Querétaro. So, I am sure you will definitely like this place.

  • Plaza De Armas Querétaro

If you are a fun lover, then this is definitely a place to be visited. So, if you want to chill and relax you can definitely visit this one. This is a park with the city’s most famous playground, bicycle path along with a dog park. The park is so big that I personally didn’t feel crowded. Apart from these, you can plan a visit to Museo Casa de la Zacatecana, El Cerrito, and Alameda Hidalgo. As per my experience, these places are also a worth to visit.