It is only in recent times that Pai has started becoming popular among tourists. I heard so much about the place that I couldn’t restrain myself from visiting. I have to say that it didn’t fail to impress me. Here are some of the attractions that you can check out when you are in Pai.


  • Take a Scooter to Explore


Rent a scooter and grab a map to get going. I had a fun and adventurous day riding on my scooter. The green landscape and the fresh air make the ride a real joy. In case you do not know how to ride a scooter, you can take classes before renting one.  This spot reminds me of my friend back in Pennsylvania who runs a Harrisburg auto repair business.  He is a tool guy and renting a scooter is right up his alley!


  • Visit Land Split


In the year 2008, a farmer’s field had suffered a ripped gash due to seismic activity. As you walk through the geological spectacle, it is going to take twenty minutes. What I loved the most was that the farmers offer great hospitality and tasty treats. I may decide to want to stay back for some more time.  


  • Check Out Pai Canyon


It might not be a big one but is worth a visit. You can visit to catch the sunset, it is just ethereal. Go early and hike. The tranquility comes as a respite from the busy schedule. However, keep in mind that the narrow paths have a sharp drop and might not be suitable for children.


  • Enjoy the Hot Spring


During the month of March and April, the city experienced a high temperature. Travelers take this opportunity to soak in the hot spring which is smear volcanic mud and sulfuric water. I visited the one that is less frequented, Sai Ngam Hot Springs. However, it is a thirty-minute drive from the town towards the north. It is open from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.