Markham is the city where old meets the new. The suburban neighborhood, the rolling hills, and 19th-century homes capture my heart like nothing else. The various recreational facilities that the city has to offer will make your visit worthwhile. There are many things to do and see. If you ever visit Toronto, make sure you travel to Markham, even if it is for a day. Here are some of the things you are doing while you are in the city.

  • Choose your own vegetables and fruits

Visit the Whittamore’s Farm; this is a great place to be with your family. It covers an area of 200 acres. I was thrilled to pick fresh pumpkins, strawberries, peas, pumpkins, and raspberries. To speak truly, it is more than just a farm. You are going to have so much fun by jumping on the trampolines or even sliding through the tubes.

  • Tour the historic neighborhoods

The city is an eclectic combination of old and new. The picturesque neighborhood simply took my breath away. The best area that you can explore is Unionville. There are beautiful homes, amazing boutiques, and great restaurants serving delicious food. Yet another neighborhood that you can wander around is the Main Street. There are historic homes which have now been transformed into restaurants and local shops.

  • Check out a museum

Visit the Markham Museum. This museum enumerates the story about the growth of the city. There are about 30 buildings. A majority of them are historic, depicting the life in the past. It displays the excavated artifacts. If you are lucky, you will be able to witness one among the many temporary exhibitions which are held throughout the year. If you want to have a picnic with your family, there is an incredible garden for doing that. I enrolled my kid in a day program that the museum has.