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The city holds the most important historical value in all around Turkey, as the best market years of the Ottoman ruling empire was done in this city. They passed all their ruling years from Edirne and have won many diplomatic wars. It is marked to be the greatest heritage holding city in Turkey. The architecture in the city is very medieval; you will find imperial buildings that are dated back to centuries and old palaces and monuments. The city is filled with ancient statues. If you are a fanatic of history and love knowing about where the particular city arose from and how then this is your place to be. Every monument and every palace here has a different and interesting story to tell. According to me, this place has many things to visit and being tight on time, here are some of my selections.

The Health Museum

The museum was built over almost 100 years ago old and trusts me as far as every one of us thinks that museums are a boring place to visit. This one is definitely not. The new museum, earlier in Roman Empire times used to be the only hospital around them under their ruling. The most amounts of patients in this hospital used to be mental patients and as the medicines were not the optimal solution to problems earlier, aromatherapy was the major practice that was applied in the hospital. The then hospitals used the natural elements of life to treat their patients like air and water and fire. It sounds bizarre but it was the truth. You can still be able to spot the patient’s rooms and the inventory of the hospital. They also showcase tools that were used in such treatments.

Selimiye Mosque

This is the highest visited and most religiously accepted mosque around the town. And this is not just some simple mosque where prayers are held, but the kind of architectural beauty you will find here is like an eye candy you can’t keep your eyes away from. This mosque is what people call is the small sibling to the blue mosque in Istanbul and is treated as one too. The mosque can house over 500 people in one religious prayer time and is very close to the devotees. But the beauty arrives at night when the lights are turned on, it looks like a bride. All the string lights and the focused lights make it look really beautiful.