Pai: Spend Some Time in the Charming City

It is only in recent times that Pai has started becoming popular among tourists. I heard so much about the place that I couldn’t restrain myself from visiting. I have to say that it didn’t fail to impress me. Here are some of the attractions that you can check out when you are in Pai.


  • Take a Scooter to Explore


Rent a scooter and grab a map to get going. I had a fun and adventurous day riding on my scooter. The green landscape and the fresh air make the ride a real joy. In case you do not know how to ride a scooter, you can take classes before renting one.  This spot reminds me of my friend back in Pennsylvania who runs a Harrisburg auto repair business.  He is a tool guy and renting a scooter is right up his alley!


  • Visit Land Split


In the year 2008, a farmer’s field had suffered a ripped gash due to seismic activity. As you walk through the geological spectacle, it is going to take twenty minutes. What I loved the most was that the farmers offer great hospitality and tasty treats. I may decide to want to stay back for some more time.  


  • Check Out Pai Canyon


It might not be a big one but is worth a visit. You can visit to catch the sunset, it is just ethereal. Go early and hike. The tranquility comes as a respite from the busy schedule. However, keep in mind that the narrow paths have a sharp drop and might not be suitable for children.


  • Enjoy the Hot Spring


During the month of March and April, the city experienced a high temperature. Travelers take this opportunity to soak in the hot spring which is smear volcanic mud and sulfuric water. I visited the one that is less frequented, Sai Ngam Hot Springs. However, it is a thirty-minute drive from the town towards the north. It is open from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

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Savannah is an old coastal city in the state of Georgia

Savannah is an old coastal city in the state of Georgia, US. Located on the popular Savannah River, the city is strewn with historic districts, antique structures, cobblestone streets, historic homes, and old cemeteries. Visiting the place was like stepping back in time and I truly enjoyed seeing all the monumental places. Everything you come across in Savannah has a fascinating story to tell. Even though there were many fascinating attractions, here are the few ones I found most impressive.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is a historic church that was built between 1873 and 1896. The French Gothic style of architecture used in the construction of the cathedral is truly amazing. The high altar and the altar nave are adorned with religious statues and colorful stained glass windows that cast a magical ambiance around the place. The south transept window of the cathedral is also magnificently designed with stained-glass art depicting biblical characters. On the whole, visiting the place was an incredible experience.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Visiting Bonaventure Cemetery was a surprisingly amazing experience. The place is quite different from the old cemeteries you would find elsewhere. The cemetery looks like an enchantingly designed garden with massive oak trees that are 40 to 50 feet tall and has branches spreading in all directions. The peculiar feature of the tree garden is the Long Moss that covers the branches and hangs down like silvery skeins. The place is full of white statues, symbols, and angelic structures that have a solemn tale behind them.

Forsyth Park

During my visit to the Savannah Historic District, I happened to find this gem of a place. Forsyth Park is a 30-acre recreational center that has beautiful gardens, landscapes, sports facilities, and playgrounds for kids. The park welcomes visitors with its wide pathway lined with trees and flowering shrubs leading to the giant fountain. The entire place is adorned with enormous trees, flowering plants, and creepers. The park houses an enchanting Fragrant Garden and a few monumental structures like the Confederate Memorial.


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Perth: Discovering the Beauty of the Sun-Soaked City

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Perth, the most isolated capital of the world is the capital of West Australia. The stunning setting along the Swan River with few pearly beaches offers the ideal playground for all sorts of outdoor adventure. There are several fun things that you can do in this city. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Take a Walk along Swan River

The city is set along the Swan River and links the suburbs, oceans, and hills. It has recreational, cultural, and environmental significance. There are trails along Swan River. I went for a walk along these trails. If you want you can rent a bike to go biking at any time of the day.

Check out Kangaroos at the Heirisson Island

In the middle of the river and at the center of the city, you will find a quiet spot where a there number of birds. However, what’s more, interesting is that it also has a population of Australia’s iconic animal kangaroo. There is a fence which keeps them from wandering into the road. I caught them hopping and grazing around and clicked some cool photos. This was the first time I was seeing kangaroos and it got me all excited. It is surely a hidden gem.

Shop at Downtown

There are several shopping options in the city. Starting from stylish malls to eclectic market, you will find it all. There are a range of shops, you can get souvenirs and bag something exotic. If you do not want to shop, you can simply wander along with the clean city.

Check out Kings Park

To connect with nature, I visited Kings Park. It over the Swan River and Perth City, there are walking trails, botanical gardens, and also a playground for children. In order to experience a spectacular view, I climbed to the DNA tower and I have to say that it didn’t fail to impress me.

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Nelson – A Place of Many Delights

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Nelson is one of the oldest cities situated on the Tasman Bay. Popular for its local arts, music, and handicrafts industry, the city hosts a wide range of cultural events that attract thousands of local and foreign tourists. Here you can find many art galleries, studios, and craft markets that sell a wide range of interesting collectibles. The city also has picturesque mountain ranges, lakes, and beaches. The place is quite engaging and I had a busy weekend during my stay in Nelson. Listed below are some of the best places in the city:

Tahunanui Beach

Tahunanui Beach is located in Bisley Walk and offers a great site for family outings or simply an evening stroll. The beach made of golden sand was neat and less crowded. The seawater was calm and perfect for a quick swim. Even though surfing is possible only during the summers, the place houses a playground for children, a few cafes, and lots of recreational facilities that can keep the visitors engaged and entertained throughout their stay.

Queen’s Gardens

Nelson is quite popular for its amazing Queen’s Gardens situated on Bridge Street. Located at the center of the town, the place is a botanical park established in the year 1892. The ornamental park is a perfect example of a classic Victorian garden adorned with all sorts of flowering shrubs, creepers, and a collection of heritage trees that look quite stunning. Visiting the park was a heavenly experience for me.

Founders Heritage Park

Founders Park located in Brooklands is a historic landmark that houses a heritage museum. I had to pay an entry fee of $7.00 to enter the museum. The exhibits are mainly of historical importance and primarily feature a heritage railway line offering train rides for the visitors. The place can take you back in time with its vintage buildings, vehicles, and shops. There are cafes and shops selling refreshments. Also, you can find some gift shops that offer unique and rare handmade artifacts.

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Pattaya: Explore Your Dream Destination

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Whenever one thinks of Pattaya, they think of parties and nightlife. However, my experience in the city is much more than just the parties. With increased money bring brought in the city, there is an increase in the number of popular sites which interest tourists. There are so many options that you are going to be spoilt for choices. In my opinion, these are the few things that you need to check to make it a trip worth remembering.

Visit Tropical Garden

In case you have an interesting landscape, flowers, and trees like me, Nooch is the ideal place to visit. It is spread over an area of 2.4 kilometers. I came across most unique and beautiful flowers to be found across the world. This garden has won several awards for the design. It is well-maintained. Apart from different flowers, you will also find different kinds of trees. You will find 670 different species of orchid.

Check Out the Floating Market

I found many floating markets in Thailand. However, the one in Pattaya has a different charm about it. It is named the Four Regions. This is because it is divided into 4 regions, the northeast, the north, central, and south. The region represents their own part in their country. However, not every stall will be floating here. You find some of the boats that move across the canals. I hired a boat to get a good look at the market and check out what it has to offer.

Climb Wat Phra Khao Yai

It is also called the Big Buddha Hill and is called by the name because of it the tallest Buddha in the region. The Buddha is 100 meters above sea level. As I climbed to the top and stood beside Buddha, I could see the whole of Pattaya. It was a mesmerizing sight.

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Edirne – The City That Stays

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The city holds the most important historical value in all around Turkey, as the best market years of the Ottoman ruling empire was done in this city. They passed all their ruling years from Edirne and have won many diplomatic wars. It is marked to be the greatest heritage holding city in Turkey. The architecture in the city is very medieval; you will find imperial buildings that are dated back to centuries and old palaces and monuments. The city is filled with ancient statues. If you are a fanatic of history and love knowing about where the particular city arose from and how then this is your place to be. Every monument and every palace here has a different and interesting story to tell. According to me, this place has many things to visit and being tight on time, here are some of my selections.

The Health Museum

The museum was built over almost 100 years ago old and trusts me as far as every one of us thinks that museums are a boring place to visit. This one is definitely not. The new museum, earlier in Roman Empire times used to be the only hospital around them under their ruling. The most amounts of patients in this hospital used to be mental patients and as the medicines were not the optimal solution to problems earlier, aromatherapy was the major practice that was applied in the hospital. The then hospitals used the natural elements of life to treat their patients like air and water and fire. It sounds bizarre but it was the truth. You can still be able to spot the patient’s rooms and the inventory of the hospital. They also showcase tools that were used in such treatments.

Selimiye Mosque

This is the highest visited and most religiously accepted mosque around the town. And this is not just some simple mosque where prayers are held, but the kind of architectural beauty you will find here is like an eye candy you can’t keep your eyes away from. This mosque is what people call is the small sibling to the blue mosque in Istanbul and is treated as one too. The mosque can house over 500 people in one religious prayer time and is very close to the devotees. But the beauty arrives at night when the lights are turned on, it looks like a bride. All the string lights and the focused lights make it look really beautiful.

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Perm: An Excursion of the Undiscovered Gem

Most of the people traveling to Russia, only visit St. Petersburg and Moscow. However, there are so many undiscovered places. Perm is one such city that I came across. This place is certainly worth a visit. In case you travel to Perm, here are some of the best things that you can see or do.

Take a Walk along Kama River

The city is located at the edge of Kama River.  To spend a lazy afternoon, take a stroll along the river embankment. As I strolled, I came across the sculpture which has now become a symbolic structure of the city. You will find red letters in the Russian language which means, happiness isn’t behind the mountains. This is place against the river background and the bank that is the present opposite to it.

Catch a Ballet Dance Show

If you are a cultural buff like me and like opera, ballet, or poetry, visit the opera and ballet theatre. The ballet dance of this city is splendid. The pieces that they showcase put them on the same pedestal as Moscow’s Bolshoy or St. Petersburg’s Marrinsky. Even if you are visiting for a short period of time, you should not miss out on this.

Take Part in the Local Festival

Some internationally famous festivals are held in the city every year. One of the most popular ones is the film festival that had been inspired by Robert Flaherty. It attracts stars from all over the world. Another one is the International Diaghilev Festival. This is mainly for the lover of classical art. It is held in the month of June every year.

Check out Permyak Salty Ears

The city and the surrounding areas are known to be rich in minerals. All through the course of history, you will find the mention of salt. One of the primary symbols of the city is the Permyak Salty Ears.

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